We do things differently at Eagle Media. We've worked with businesses of all sizes and persuasions, and that's taught us that no two are alike. That led us to an important conclusion: no two digital marketing strategies should be alike, either. 

We developed our process accordingly. Anytime we start working with a new client, we: 

  • Get a feel for the business. Who are the customers? Who are the employees? How do they generate business? What challenges do they face? 
  • Evaluate online properties. Do they already have a website and a Facebook page? How do they work? Are things optimized for search engine performance? Do they pay attention to analytics? 
  • Figure out what's valuable to the business. Maybe it's web traffic. Maybe it's social media followers. Maybe it's phone calls. Maybe it's a combination of all those and more. Whatever the case, we'll find out what has real-world value to the business, and make it happen more often. 
  • Develop a plan and track the results. The value of digital marketing is in the tracking - we can prove the return on investment we bring to our clients, and it's our responsibility to do so. We'll work with you to build a custom plan, execute it, and give you regular reports on how it's working.